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  • Ceramic fused to chrome cobalt crowns and bridges
  • Ceramic fused to gold crowns & bridges
  • Crowns and bridges over implant
  • Direct and indirect post and cores

Porcelain fused to metal crowns offer a long lasting, strong and better looking option for casting teeth. The success of this type of crown depends upon proper preparation of the basic tooth structure in such a way that there is enough space for allowing the thickness of the material being used to cap the tooth. The skill of the person making the crown will add to its visual beauty and how it will blend in with your other teeth.

Rely on Techno Smile for outstanding PFM, while appreciating our wealth of technical knowledge, superb customer support and quick three-day turnaround for copings. We apply the latest technology in processing your outsourced copings and PFM. Our goal is to ensure that every case you send to our laboratory will exhibit consistently ideal fits, contacts and occlusion. All PFM copings and bridge frameworks are carefully waxed to your prescribed contours and trimmed margins, then invested using computer-controlled dosing of investment mixed with an orbital centrifugal mixer. A multi-stage burnout and induction casting ensure a consistent fit, Techno Smile style.

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