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Go Digital Impression - More than an impression

Ever thought your lab could create a crown without an impression or a model? It is possible with the right technology. But going digital, you will see the value of increased time and cost efficiencies, as well as better collaboration between the laboratory and clinician.

Improves dentist/lab communication.
Sending a digital scan to the lab allows the dentist and technician to communicate more directly and promptly about the case. If there are any issues with the scan, those issues can be addressed right away rather than a few days later. With digital impressions, if you are not happy with the scan it is easy to re-take or go over an area you might have missed—unlike with traditional impressions. You can look at the prep on a large screen, and that makes it possible to see things you would not see with a traditional impression. You can view the scan before you send it to your lab and make sure margins, the bite and all other parameters are as they should be.

Get a more accurate fit when you use digital impressions, fewer remakes
You do not have to worry about distortion or margin inaccuracy issues in digital impressions like you do with traditional impressions, and that enables the lab to create a crown with an accurate fit. If there are any problems with the impression, the doctor can see it right away on his screen and make necessary adjustments before ever sending the scan to the lab.

Digital impressions are more comfortable for the patient.
Nobody likes to have “goop” in their mouth, and digital impressions eliminate that discomfort for the patient.

Gives you a competitive advantage.
Patients are going to notice that your practice is more high-tech, while you save time and money.

Go Digital Impression - More than an impression
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